Green Grounds – HygroTurf

Ever wanted to have a green base for your balcony flooring or garden? And you’re finding something that doesn’t require you to keep checking on? Well, continue reading then!

Ever wanted to have a green base for your balcony flooring or garden? And you’re finding something that doesn’t require you to keep checking on? Well, continue reading then!

Three greens

Available in 3 types of green, the HygroTMTurf refers to our series of artificial grass that is made suitable for both residential and commercial landscapes.  The 3 types are, namely – ‘Fresh Green’, ‘Olive Green’ and ‘Evergreen’.  For the Fresh Green and Olive Green, they come with a mixture of green and brown blades.  This combination would give a natural appearance as the outcome. Meanwhile, the Evergreen comes in full clean green, presenting a tranquil and soothing haven.

Indoors & Outdoors

The HygroTMTurf is made suitable for use indoors and outdoors. From balcony to showrooms, or play area and gardens, it is definitely suitable just anywhere. What’s even better, is that the HygroTMTurf need not be placed only on the floor, but it may be installed vertically too. Yes, upright.  As shown in the below photo, this residential client had installed the HygroTMTurf, together with our HyGroTMMat, to set up as beauty border standing between his abode and the neighbor’s property.  Or the commercial client who installed it upright in its showroom. The HygroTMTurf makes a great choice if you are planning to have some greenery in fully shaded areas, where real grass cannot sustain.

Mix elements

Due to the flexibility of the HygroTMTurf material, it doesn’t always have to be a standard rectangular-shaped layout. The design can be integrated with other elements as well like the beauty border as mentioned above. And below, instead of a fully artificial turf balcony, the HygroTMTurf can be done up with decking by the sides.  Or, it can be with our HyGroTMWall by the side too! Well you get it, it doesn’t have a specific method.


Unchanging quality

Being artificial, the HygroTMTurf will have a constant quality all year round. With no growth, trimming is not required. No worries about creeping insects and thus, no pesticide is required.  This makes it safe for everyone’s health.  No real grass means no muddy areas. So this lessens the hassle of you having to clean up any mess every now and then.  Being UV-stabilised, the HygroTMTurf will not discolor.

Aesthetics & Safety

“Convince me more”, you might say. Okay, if the benefits listed above are still not enough, maybe you’re concerned on looks.  With an artificial turf in your home, it would give your house a refreshing look.  Instead of the same old concretes and tiles all around your house, get a HygroTMTurf instead. It would give a pop-up effect among the flat tiles.

And if you have children running around, the HygroTMTurf makes it safe for the little ones to play on. It would help to prevent them from getting injured on hard grounds.  If you are a parent, this means lesser worries for you too!

Limited time offer – Specially for the full green, ‘Evergreen’ turf

For a limited time period, we are providing a special price for our only, fully green artificial turf. If you like your flooring to be filled with a green oasis, we highly recommend you to get the ‘Evergreen’! On the ground or vertically, it will undoubtedly freshen up your space.

Contact us soon to avoid missing out on this limited time offer!

*Offer is for a limited time only. Vertical Green Pte Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the offer at any point of time.