Living Vertical Garden

HyGro™Wall lll FR (Fire-Rated)


Through continuous Research & Development, HyGro™Wall is now available fire-rated! Our system has been tested and approved by local testing institution and complies with the FSSD standard.

HyGro™Wall lll FR is suitable to be installed in both indoor and outdoor environment and depending on the site condition, we will provide you with customized solutions that are catered specifically to you and your design needs.

The HyGro™Wall system is suitable to be installed on permanent structure (such as concrete wall, steel structure, BRC fence, etc.), existing structures or can even be self-standing!


There are three types of HyGro™Wall:

A. HyGro™Wall (Available in Fire-rated now!)

B. HyGro™Wall with Stainless steel water tank

C. Standalone HyGro™Wall

Based on the site environment and condition, Vertical Green will recommend the most suitable option.


Benefits of HyGro™Wall includes the following:

  • Customizable: This allows for more flexibility, creativity and when designing the vertical garden. Integration with other material (such as timber, stone, etc.), logo, signage and picture is also possible and allow us to showcase a unique vertical greenery experience.
  • Ease of Installation: HyGro™Wall is easy to install and can be anchored either onto the wall or the ground. It is possible to operate with or without direct water tap connection as well and the system also makes mounting and installation on curves and curvatures such as columns possible.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The system comes completed with an automated irrigation and fertigation system and thus help to keep maintenance low.


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