Artificial Moss Wall

Artificial Moss Wall

Artificial moss wall is becoming an increasing popular choice for indoor landscaping design due to the benefits, versatile design and flexibility which the product offers.

Besides being maintenance-free, artificial moss does not require sunlight, watering, drainage points and pest control.

It is highly customisable as it is moulded and crafted by hand to achieve the desired natural contours and thus, is able to achieve a more versatile and natural green design.

There is also greater freedom in design as the artificial moss can be easily integrated with other building material, such as timber, pebbles, etc.

Vertical Green’s artificial moss wall are available in two¬†types of specification which can be characterised by the contour on the moss:

  • Contour
  • Canyon



Customisation is available upon request and the artificial moss can be installed to fit all areas.

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