People who are exposed to natural scenes aren't just happier or more comfortable; the very building blocks of their physiological well-being also respond positively

Nature, best imitated

At Vertical Green, we work with the world’s most simple elements; water, plants and oxygen to bring you comprehensive solutions to your gardening needs.

We create effects that are attractive and sustainable, bringing vertical landscapes into the heart of urban communities. And we bring the solution in the form of our HyGro™Wall where nature is imitated at its best.

HyGro™Wall; Your living wall

HyGro™Wall is composed of different layers of irrigation geotextile on which the plants will grow on to. This enables a large number of species to grow on the vertical surface, allowing for variety and artistic freedom in the design. The system includes an irrigation system providing the plants with a nutrient solution, and the irrigation process occurs for a few minutes each day automatically. As the system is highly automated, maintenance requirements will be kept to the minimal. Simple maintenance includes pruning, disease control as well as top ups of nutrient supply.

The choice of plants are the core of the vertical growth technique, therefore different factors such as life span, light requirement, environmental condition etc will be taken into consideration. For indoor vertical garden, the plants must be comfortable with relatively low level of light (mostly from tropical undergrowth). For outdoor vertical garden, plant selection is based on climate & amount of sunlight the surface receives. Therefore, a wall with southern direction will have a different expression compared to a wall turning north.

HyGro™Wall is made up of different species of vegetation growing as a community on the vertical surface of the cellular structure. This system consists of different materials that have the following properties:

1. High water & nutrient retention abilities
2. Extreme Lightweight (20kg/M2) and Ultra thin (2.5cm thickness) structure
3. Simple installation, plant replacement & maintenance
4. Fully automated irrigation & fertigation systems
5. Promotes root penetration & anchorage
6. Absence of soil or any soil-less medium

HyGro™Wall is made up of two different layers of geotextile materials that are anchored onto a vertical mechanical support, and the system can be anchored onto any vertical structure (wall) via metal brackets. The plants will be planted within pockets between both layers of geotextile materials. This method of plant growth have been demonstrated for the last 12 years, and till today it exhibits sustaining growth for a wide variety of plants.

HyGro™Wall is most well known for its ultra thin system of 2cm thickness, as well as its lightweight properties due to the absence of soil & synthetic materials.

HyGro™Wall is very easy to install without the need for assembly, and every componentis weatherproof and built to last a long time.

HyGro™Wall are designed to minimize water usage through moisture recycling and drip irrigation. Fertigation and irrigation systems are fully automated and regulated by a timer, therefore saving clients on electricity, water and maintenance bills.

HyGro™Wall allows immediately planting right after installation without the need for pre-planting, which shortens the installation period.

HyGro™Wall allows easy removal and replacement of individual plants, without the hassle for mechanical system removal.

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What are the charges?

There are different factors that can affect the pricing of the gardens, including choice of plant species and types of irrigation systems. An estimated pricing will be provided subjected to the first appointment.

What is the waiting time for the completion?

It depends on: (1) size of the structure (2) availability of plants/items. As we do not require pre-growing of the plants, the process will take less than 1 week to install (subjected to schedule availability).

Will the plants survive if the HyGro™Wall is installed in full sun or indoor locations?

Absolutely! The choice of plants (most crucial) will have to complement the selected locations based on temperature, sunlight intensity, humidity and other factors. Artificial lightings may be required in low sunlight locations such as bathroom, airwell and office etc.

What if there is not enough water supply?

Our standalone range is water tap independent, and its position can be shifted whenever needed to suit different landscape. Alternatively a water tank can be installed for water supply storage.

Are there any DIY Kit(s) available?

For diehard DIY fans, we can offer the HyGro™Wall for installation, and provide a list of plants suitable for planting (upon inspection of the location for light intensity, humidity etc). We will guide you through the preparations of the plants prior to planting with a simple operation manual, and you are ready to go! The pocket-style planting is so easy to do and currently we have a group of retirees who are actively taking care of their very own self planted vertical gardens! (Automated irrigation and fertiliser system included)

Do I have to maintain the vertical garden?

Like any other living plants, vertical gardens have to be maintained. Besides installation, we also offer maintenance services for your green walls! However, if you have the green fingers, you may choose to maintain it on your own. Our team here at Vertical Green are glad to guide you in doing so.

So what is the procedure to proceed?

For the first appointment, we will meet up on site to take measurements and to discuss on the various requirements (e.g water point), and we will send the quotation via email. Once approved, we will proceed to discuss  on the plant species and design of the vertical garden via email afterwards. Once confirmed, we will proceed with the fabrication and installation.

For any other questions, please drop us an email at: and we will aim to reply within 2 working hours!

Need more help or have questions that are not answered in our FAQ Section?