Make the *moss* out of your space

9 Oct 2017

No trimming, no watering, no sunlight needed. Yes, it’s our HyGroMoss that we’re talking about! Made of naturally preserved lichen, living moss do not require any maintenance.  This makes it ideal for it to be used in offices and any other interior spaces.

From shades of green, red and blue, we have over 20 eye-catching colors for our moss here at Vertical Green. This creates limitless possibilities for the designing of moss walls.

With plenty of colours available, make your interior spaces interesting by having moss put up in various ways.  Captivate your clients as they step into your office by having a simple moss background…

Or a moss logo of your company,


Or a moss wall of unique shapes and patterns!


The vibrant yet calming colors are relaxing enough to be put up in workplaces and even yoga studios.

Moss Wall

So do you have a moss wall idea running in your mind already? Or you need help with your moss designs? Either ways, contact us to get your ideas come alive!