Living green walls – Indoors & its benefits

22 Aug 2017

Have you seen green walls on building exteriors and wonder if you can have them in your house? Well, we’re glad to inform you that green walls can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  Yes, this means you can have them in your home! In this first article, we have listed several benefits of living green walls which tells you why you should own one in your office, restaurant, and even in your own home.

Environmental benefit

Plants can help to reduce the surrounding heat, and cool the room naturally. As green walls contain numerous amount of plants, imagine how much it can help in cooling your interior space. With this, it encourages us to reduce the usage of fans and air-conditioners.

Physical health

Besides benefiting the environment, plants play a part in improving our health. As we all know, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This process actually removes harmful pollutants, hence cleansing the air we breathe.

Psychological health

Studies have shown that plants help in reducing symptoms of discomfort, reduce stress, improve vision and increase productivity. So, having a green wall in the office might be useful for you and your colleagues from dozing off at work!

Still pondering? Don’t worry, we save these last few points to please the aesthetic-lover in you.

Green walls can please those who likes clean, minimalistic looks…

And also for those who are bold and loves things intricate!

Studies have shown that leaves reflect and absorb noise energy. Though not significant, having a green wall does help in reducing noise pollution from outdoors to a certain extent.

What’s best about green walls are that they save space by designing your interior upwards! This allows you to design your interiors without thinking about space constraints.­­

If the above, on top of other benefits of green walls, have convinced you enough to get a green wall, do drop us an email or call us! We will be more than glad to advise you on your enquiries!