Is it real, is it not?

14 Dec 2017

Interested in having a green wall but looking for one that is less of a hassle?  An artificial green wall might be the solution.  The great thing about an artificial green wall is that they look pretty much similar to a living one.  However, they require much less maintenance.



In this article, we have listed a few advantages of the artificial green wall.


Suitable for the non-green fingers

Yes, good news for those who have trouble in growing plants on their own. Artificial green walls make the perfect alternative for those who want green walls in your home yet do not want the hassle of maintaining it. No sunlight, no watering, no fertilizers – basically you don’t even have to look after it.


Being artificial, they won’t grow hence there is little space consumption.  This means that it is easy to manage as there is no need for you to trim them.


It is what it is

Being plastic, your artificial green wall will stay the same all year round.  Planning to have a grand opening of your new office/restaurant/hotel in less than a month but decorations are still not ready? Artificial green walls are instantly ready, so there’s no need of waiting for them to bloom.



No limitations

As they are non-living, artificial green wall is the option when the place does not have any natural light.  Requiring neither fertilizers nor pesticides, artificial green walls are safe to be put up in dining areas.



Since they are free from maintenance, artificial green walls can be installed in places where living plants cannot grow or maintained due to environmental, structural or maintenance limitations.



Already feeling excited to get an artificial green wall?


Here at Vertical Green, our HyGroTM Plant Mats are thin profiled and light-weight.  Due to the flexibility of the product, they can be easily installed onto any existing structural wall or backing.



If you are planning to get an artificial green wall, we have them available in various textures, colours and designs.  Choose from our existing range of designs, or have it customized by mixing and matching from our wide range of artificial plants!


Contact us to get started on an artificial green wall for your place!